The &Co.llaboration - Souvenirs of Life - marries Sofia Sanchez de Betak’s love of both fashion and travel.

“Life souvenirs are intangible imprints left behind by significant events, relationships, and milestones that shape our lives. They encompass cherished memories, lessons learned, personal growth, and the lasting impact we make on others. These souvenirs remind us of who we are, provide wisdom and inspiration, and guide us on our life's journey.”

Drawing inspiration from the MAX&Co. and CHUFY archives and her trips to far flung flea markets around the world, the capsule brings together a spirit of adventure with functional pragmatism, where comfort is key.

The message behind the collection? It is a love letter to travel, indeed the collection’s logo is a souvenir map.
Style is not about what you wear, but where it takes you. 
Travelling is about the journey, not about the destination.

"Collecting life souvenirs involves cultivating a mindset of mindfulness and gratitude. It requires being fully present in each moment, appreciating the beauty and lessons it holds. By embracing the notion that life itself is a grand adventure, we become conscious collectors of these intangible treasures.”

About MAX&Co.

MAX&Co., an international fashion brand, creates quality, versatile and chic garments and accessories for women of great character, both in life and in fashion.

MAX&Co. is part of the Max Mara Fashion Group and is distributed online and in over 400 stores worldwide.

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