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Chufy : "Il n'y a rien de plus beau que de voyager les mains vides"

Comment vous sentez-vous, à l'heure du lancement de "Travels with Chufy" ?

Si bien. Je n'arrive pas à croire que ce projet se réalise, je suis honorée, excitée et à la fois inquiète... Mais je ne peux plus faire demi-tour.

Comment est née l'idée de ce livre ? 

Il y a longtemps. J'ai toujours aimé rapporter des souvenirs de mes voyages, beaucoup de vêtements que je porte aujourd'hui, notamment. Ce livre compile tout cela.

Vous êtes née en Argentine. Quel est la meilleure façon de visiter l'Argentine ?

Toute l'année. Il y fait toujours beau, contrairement à Paris ou à New York : l'été n'est pas trop chaud, l'hiver pas trop froid... Mais j'aime aussi l'Argentine au printemps, quand les gens sortent flanner au soleil.

Selon vous, l'industrie du voyage n'est pas-elle pas trop aseptisée ? 

Sans doute. Le charme du voyage est de découvrir des lieux confidentiels, dont on n'a jamais (ou peu) entendu parlé.

Donnez-nous cinq destinations confidentielles ? 

Un endroit, en Argentine, où j'ai passé mon enfance à pêcher et à écrire... Une plage de 17kms au Kenya, où il n'y a personne en août... Le bord de mer, aux Bahamas, mais aussi Majorque pour ses recettes délicieuses... Et puis Tokyo : je reviens d'Okinawa, une île fascinante aux plages atypiques.

Comment faites-vous vos bagages ?

À la dernière minute et dans le bazar ! J'aimerais être plus organisée...

Votre valise idéale ? 

Une valise vide pour une destination inconnue. Il n'y a rien de plus beau que d'avoir les mains vides.

Un antidote contre le jetlag ?

Veiller à ne pas dormir n'importe quand. En ce moment, j'essaie des produits à base d'oxygène...

Quelle est votre meilleur souvenir de voyage ? 

J'étais au milieu de nulle part dans l'océan, en Thaïlande, et je croise un ami new-yorkais sur son bateau. Avec mon compagnon, on a de suite changé nos plans et on a embarqué avec lui pour un tour complet de la Thaïlande.

Quels sont vos projets ? 

Je vais lancer une collection inspirée du Japon : des kimonos aux imprimés typiques. Ça devrait sortir d'ici la fin de l'année.

"Travels with Chufy: Confidential Destinations", aux Éditions Assouline, en vente chez colette.  

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Sofia's Choice

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The oft-photographed Sofia Sanchez de Betak, known by her nickname and Insta handle Chufy, has been making other designers’ clothes look good for years. Now it’s her turn. The Argentinian model and girl about town just launched her own brand, Chufy. “I've had the dream for many years, I cannot believe it's happening! I always loved shopping or getting inspiration from my travels, either buying fabrics during trips and making my own clothes when back at home, or finding great artisans or tailors around the world and getting my custom clothes as souvenirs,” she explains. In honor of her new line hitting retail, BAZAAR asked Sanchez de Batek to showcase her favorite piece in the collection, three ways. Her current most valuable fashion player? “My Chufy poncho vest! Because it works well for any season and layers perfectly with almost everything, a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, a jumpsuit or a dress. I love that it protects my chest and works as a scarf, and also my back, which makes it perfect for planes.”

Look 1: Work Meetings

Chufy Chef Shirt, Ring, Earrings, Poncho Vest and Isabel Marant boots

How would you describe the aesthetic of Chufy?

It's an adventurous and multilayered world, with "Chufy", you can be camping in the Masai Mara in a horseback riding safari, as well as island hopping in artsy Japan.

Look 2: Brunch

 Chufy poncho vest , cuff, Frame jeans, Equipment shirt and Balenciaga boot

How does Chufy reflect your personal style?

To perfection! My style is all about the places I've been to, and how thy touched me and influenced me. I'm full of stories and colors thanks to this wonderful world that I get to explore in my travels.

Who is the woman you see wearing it?

A wild soul, with thirst for adventures and knowledge.

Tell me about the story behind the name?

It's been my nickname for ever! Sofia sofi chofi chufy!

Look 3: Weekend Shopping

Vintage jumpsuit, Chufy necklace , earrings, poncho vest and Isabel Marant boots

Is your hometown an inspiration?

For this collection it is, I wanted to launch with an Argentinian collection as it is strongly embedded in my DNA.

What makes Argentine style unique?

The exquisite balance between a rustic yet stylish countryside, and a big cosmopolitan city with a vast population of European heritage.

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Sofia Sanchez de Betak Launches Her Fashion Line, Chufy

Sofia Sanchez de Betak is known for being an international jet-setter. But for her very first ready-to-wear collection, Chufy, she looked home to Argentina for inspiration. “It’s very gaucho, with a twist,” is how she describes it. “There's many types of gaucho looks across Argentina. It's never the same attire for any gaucho—each area has its own iconic style—and that's what makes them so unique. For my collection I did a selection of my favorite pieces and reinterpreted them, trying to find the right balance between countryside and city style.” Wondering where the name Chufy comes from? “It's a childhood nickname,” Sanchez de Betak explains. “We had four Sofias in my class, so we all had to get nicknames! Mine comes from sofia sofi chofi chufy!

During her travels, the chic nomad has discovered local artisans around the world. Each season of Chufy will focus on the culture and artisanship of other destinations, modernizing their traditions, with Japan and Kenya in the pipeline. The debut collection will exclusively premiere at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City on June 1st with a special pop-up. “There's no one better than them in this city,” Sanchez de Betak says. “Imagine what an honor for a girl who came from Buenos Aires with just a dream, to now be launching my own line at the one and only Bergdorf Goodman!”

Sanchez de Betak describes her dream customer as “an adventurer with an insatiable urge for exploring and enjoying!
 I’m designing for myself, and for the woman who looks for style beyond trends, for the woman who buys for experiences, not for seasons, for the person who enjoys wearing something that reminds her of a place close to her heart, a moment that is unique to her.” Her favorite piece in the collection is the poncho vest. “It's warm and fresh, perfect for traveling and goes well with everything,” says Sanchez de Betak.

As Chufy’s Founder and Creative Director, Sanchez de Betak worked with Argentinian artisans and designers to create the debut line of ready-to-wear clothing, jewelry, and accessories, putting a modern spin on classics from her homeland. “I worked with contemporary designers as well as poli boot makers, to separate myself from the super traditional and classic,” she says. “I changed the typical materials—I did gaucho pants in linen instead of gabardine, I added hand embroideries to ruanas, and I made pinchos into vests. I hate to see certain crafts getting lost in time, or classic shops becoming irrelevant just because they are not doing any marketing. So I scouted around, did my research, and worked with people that inspired me and knew their crafts.”

Sanchez de Betak commissioned artisan Mercedes Guiraldes to hand embroider pants with birds and flowers synonymous with Argentina, and embroider the back of the Ruanas with Sanchez de Betak’s take on the Argentinian crest. For the gaucho pant, she worked with Aux Charpentier, a classic shop that opened its doors in 1888, renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. “Aux Charpentiers are the oldest gaucho pant makers in Buenos Aires, a completely family ran business, and as traditional as it gets,” she says. “Paisana Güiraldes is an artist specializing in embroideries, among the best in the country,  and it was really fruitful to collaborate with her. Giribet is one of the only family ran polo boots factories in the city, and their work is beautiful. I have had their boots for years and despite having been immersed in river water countless times while riding, they still look impeccable.

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Sofia Sanchez de Betak to launch new brand Chufy at Bergdorf Goodman

Chufy, which is Sofía’s nickname, draws inspiration from Sofía’s travels and indigenous cultures. Sofía sources and collects clothing from all over the world and partners with local artisans to produce pieces that boast authentic local craftsmanship.
Born in Buenos Aires, Sofía relocated to New York City to work with Lloyd & Co as Art Director. While at Lloyd & Co, she worked with companies and brands such as Estée Lauder and Derek Lam, and after parting ways with the company, she worked on projects with Marni, Chloe, Tiffany & Co, Kohl’s, Belstaff, Ermenegildo Zegna, John Hardy, and Neiman Marcus. In addition, she shot campaigns and advertorials for Barneys, David Webb, Hogan, Chanel, Massimo Dutti, and Zara.

In 2014, Sofia married Alexandre de Betak, the event and exhibition producer who has worked with the likes of Christian Dior, Céline, Hermès, Lanvin, Givenchy, and Moncler among others. Together, they curated an Artist’s Jewelry Auction for Paddle8 that sold out on the Paddle8 website almost immediately.

Sofia also launched her own shop,, offering travel-inspired collections that she has designed with local artisans. The online shop, Mallorca, Sofía’s first venture into fashion design that sold out repeatedly; and Travels with Chufy, Sofía’s latest book with Assouline focusing on her favorite hotels and haciendas all serve as precursors to Sofia's new brand.

“Many times I find myself acquiring things abroad, but then redesigning them to make wearable in the city,” Sofía said. “That’s what I find special: making local artistry your own.”

The first collection draws inspiration from Sofía’s native country, Argentina, and is comprised of 25 reimagined clothing and accessory designs, including gaucho pants created by 129-year-old Buenos Aires establishment Aux Charpentier and hand-embroidered by artist Mercedes Guiraldes, as well as 20 jewelry designs that focus on heritage and detail.

Additional collaborators for the first collection include riding boots producer Giribet; jewelry designer Aracano; Buenos Aires-based tailor Juan Hernandez Daels; Anushka Elliot, Indumentaria del Norte; Tramando; Boerr Yarde Buller; and Awanay.

Sofía is basing the second Chufy collection on traditional craftsmanship in Japan, and the following collection will draw inspiration from Kenya.

Bergdorf Goodman will open a dedicated pop-up on June 1 to celebrate the launch of the collection.

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