Sofia Sanchez de Betak to launch new brand Chufy at Bergdorf Goodman

Chufy, which is Sofía’s nickname, draws inspiration from Sofía’s travels and indigenous cultures. Sofía sources and collects clothing from all over the world and partners with local artisans to produce pieces that boast authentic local craftsmanship.
Born in Buenos Aires, Sofía relocated to New York City to work with Lloyd & Co as Art Director. While at Lloyd & Co, she worked with companies and brands such as Estée Lauder and Derek Lam, and after parting ways with the company, she worked on projects with Marni, Chloe, Tiffany & Co, Kohl’s, Belstaff, Ermenegildo Zegna, John Hardy, and Neiman Marcus. In addition, she shot campaigns and advertorials for Barneys, David Webb, Hogan, Chanel, Massimo Dutti, and Zara.

In 2014, Sofia married Alexandre de Betak, the event and exhibition producer who has worked with the likes of Christian Dior, Céline, Hermès, Lanvin, Givenchy, and Moncler among others. Together, they curated an Artist’s Jewelry Auction for Paddle8 that sold out on the Paddle8 website almost immediately.

Sofia also launched her own shop, www.chufy.world, offering travel-inspired collections that she has designed with local artisans. The online shop, Mallorca, Sofía’s first venture into fashion design that sold out repeatedly; and Travels with Chufy, Sofía’s latest book with Assouline focusing on her favorite hotels and haciendas all serve as precursors to Sofia's new brand.

“Many times I find myself acquiring things abroad, but then redesigning them to make wearable in the city,” Sofía said. “That’s what I find special: making local artistry your own.”

The first collection draws inspiration from Sofía’s native country, Argentina, and is comprised of 25 reimagined clothing and accessory designs, including gaucho pants created by 129-year-old Buenos Aires establishment Aux Charpentier and hand-embroidered by artist Mercedes Guiraldes, as well as 20 jewelry designs that focus on heritage and detail.

Additional collaborators for the first collection include riding boots producer Giribet; jewelry designer Aracano; Buenos Aires-based tailor Juan Hernandez Daels; Anushka Elliot, Indumentaria del Norte; Tramando; Boerr Yarde Buller; and Awanay.

Sofía is basing the second Chufy collection on traditional craftsmanship in Japan, and the following collection will draw inspiration from Kenya.

Bergdorf Goodman will open a dedicated pop-up on June 1 to celebrate the launch of the collection.

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Style Notes: What We Love

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Fashion Influencer

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Dress Worthy

Ever wondered how to travel chic-ly? (also is that even a word?)

As in, how does one manage to get off a plane and head directly to the beach in one look. Because in reality, that is EXACTLY what you want to do, and then seamlessly wear said look to dinner, too. Too good to be true perhaps, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t end up wearing the same thing nearly everyday on holiday.

That’s what makes Sofia’s tunics, with the abstract paintings of Spanish artist Letita Aragon so potentially perfect! Belt it. Put a sweater over it. Blazer on the shoulder. Or let it hang loose to really feel the breeze. A quick change of the shoes proves to be the ultimate solution for changing a look instantly.



And who wouldn’t want to take a little advice from someone as well-traveled as Sofia!

A beautiful summer dress – what’s your go-to?

Available at underoursky.com

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Et si on shoppait les robes bohèmes de Sofia Sanchez de Betak?

Sur son site personnel Under Our Sky, Sofia Sanchez de Betak dévoile une collection de robes kaftans aux dessins peints à la main qu'elle a imaginée avec une artiste de Majorque. Des créations totalement estivales.

Après avoir signé une série de valises inspirées des îles grecques pour Globe Trotter, Sofia Sanchez de Betak dévoile une nouvelle collaboration autour de robes peintes à la main. Avec Letita Aragon, une artiste rencontrée au Gipsy Market de Majorque, la directrice artistique s'inspire de ses peintures énigmatiques afin de créer les robes idéales pour les vacances. Pensées comme des kaftans, ces maxi robes se raccourcissent le soir venu en nouant simplement une ceinture sur les hanches. Des dessins peints à la main qui sentent bon le soleil et l'histoire de l'île. La palette de couleurs reste 100% naturelle : entre tons terreux rouge, ocre ou marron et reflets de cette nature insulaire comme le bleu de la mer, le vert des oliviers et le gris des murs traditionnels en pierre. Le tout sur du tissu blanc immaculé ou beige cocoon. Ultra frais. Pour agrémenter ses tenues, Sofia Sanchez de Betak a imaginé des paires de boucles d'oreilles talismans en or ou argent surmontées de pierres et de cristaux. Cette édition limitée Mediterranean Holiday est à shopper en exclusivité sur l'eshop Under Our Sky, l'eshop des plus belles trouvailles de voyage de Sofia Sanchez de Betak. Comme une balade sous le soleil de Majorque...


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