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Only Sofia Sanchez de Betak could get this many fashion elites to Queens

Should you ever want to check your social standings, we’d suggest throwing an event in an outer-borough. No matter who you are, people will never want to come. BUT, if you’re lovability be right, you should find a host of RSVPs all the same. Remember Alexander Wang’s runway show in Brooklyn? Nothing but a status checking stunt. Last evening, the ever lovely jet setter and fashion favorite to all, Sofia Sanchez de Betak, buzzed about a room bursting with friends to celebrate the launch of her new collaboration with The Luxury Collection and Globe-Trotter. The finest of Manhattan’s fashion set Uber-schlepped themselves out to Sofia’s chosen destination du jour, Loukoumi Taverna. Making an Athens of Astoria, with course after course...

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How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Street Style Star

  WHO WHAT WEAR UK: Tell us honestly, do you pack light? SOFIA SANCHEZ DE BETAK: Yes! When you visit many places in one go, there’s no other way. Packing can become the worst part of traveling if you don’t do it well. So I chose to travel with just one carry-on a long time ago. It’s just me and my Globe-Trotter. WWW UK: What do you wear to the airport? SSdB: Depends on the type of trip, but I normally wear a cotton or cashmere maxi dress, under which I slip on pajama pants when I’m in the plane. It works like a big cosy blanket! WWW UK: Do you have a different method for packing depending on whether you are...

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