How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Street Style Star


WHO WHAT WEAR UK: Tell us honestly, do you pack light?

SOFIA SANCHEZ DE BETAK: Yes! When you visit many places in one go, there’s no other way. Packing can become the worst part of traveling if you don’t do it well. So I chose to travel with just one carry-on a long time ago. It’s just me and my Globe-Trotter.

WWW UK: What do you wear to the airport?

SSdB: Depends on the type of trip, but I normally wear a cotton or cashmere maxi dress, under which I slip on pajama pants when I’m in the plane. It works like a big cosy blanket!

WWW UK: Do you have a different method for packing depending on whether you are travelling for work, fashion week or a holiday?

SSdB: Definitely! For holidays, I pack only flat shoes, no makeup and very colorful clothes. For work, either it’s fashion week or regular work trips, I try to keep it simple and practical. My go-to pieces are the ones who always come with me. I try not to experiment too much when traveling; otherwise, I have to bring a big suitcase and I can’t stand waiting for it at arrival.

WWW UK: What are the things you cannot live without on holiday?

SSdB: My maxi dresses that I commissioned from a Spanish artist from Mallorca. I bought 15 dresses from her so far, and that’s all I wear during the summer.

WWW UK: Where is your favourite place to go? And what do you like to wear there?

SSdB: Patagonia. And I’ll wear bombachas de campo (gaucho pants), a warm poncho and alpargatas (flat, canvas espadrilles).

WWW UK: What makes a good travel snap on Instagram?

SSdB: Spontaneous action moments!


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