Garance Doré - Dress Worthy

Garance Doré - Dress Worthy

Ever wondered how to travel chic-ly? (also is that even a word?)

As in, how does one manage to get off a plane and head directly to the beach in one look. Because in reality, that is EXACTLY what you want to do, and then seamlessly wear said look to dinner, too. Too good to be true perhaps, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t end up wearing the same thing nearly everyday on holiday.

That’s what makes Sofia’s tunics, with the abstract paintings of Spanish artist Letita Aragon so potentially perfect! Belt it. Put a sweater over it. Blazer on the shoulder. Or let it hang loose to really feel the breeze. A quick change of the shoes proves to be the ultimate solution for changing a look instantly.



And who wouldn’t want to take a little advice from someone as well-traveled as Sofia!

A beautiful summer dress – what’s your go-to?

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