The Webster - Insider: Chufy

The Webster - Insider: Chufy

Sofia Sanchez de Betak or Chufy as she has come to be known is a force to be reckoned with. She started her career in graphic design in her native Argentina, upon relocating to New York City she worked as an Art Director at Lloyd & Co., you have probably seen her on the pages of your favorite magazine, and has recently written her first book Travels with Chufy: Confidential Destinations published by Assouline. Through her love of fashion and travel has become the It Girl she is today. Another feat to add to her long list of accomplishments? Designing her very own collection, of course! She has recently launched her very own line CHUFY inspired in her love of Argentina, her native country.

We caught up with the It Girl turned designer to get the inside scoop on her latest project, her new book and what’s to come for the girl about town.

How did your love for fashion come about?
I was always the geek type of kid, but always with a passion for design, in every form… so I would see fashion as a fun way of incorporating design into my life. When I finished high school I found a job in fashion, and then again when I moved to NY… so I guess there was no way out!

When did you know you wanted to get involved in the fashion industry?

It happened when I moved to NY the first, and the only job I found was in a fashion agency, doing art direction for major fashion and beauty brands, I learned so much there, that I started loving it.

How has your love of travel and art influenced your sense of style?

In every way! Every trip adds a new color, or print to my wardrobe, traveling is where I buy and get inspired the most, I let myself absorb the new and unknown.

How did this collection come to life?

With a lot of hard work and headaches! When I travel, I love shopping for local crafts, but most of they are made of fabrics that are too stiff, or the cut is just not right, so I always tend to reinvent my travel finds into more wearable ones when I get back. This collection was an opportunity for me to do it right from the beginning.

What was the source of inspiration for the collection?

From the gaucho in Argentina, from life in the countryside.

Tell us about the process of creating your very own collection?

It was much more complicated than I expected! From picking colors, designs, and patterns, to exporting and importing, it was a big struggle!

Did you face any challenges while creating the collection?

Many, making sure the quality was consistent across all pieces, ensuring that the items would be shipped and delivered on time, the communication with production and team, in short, everything! It’s much harder than one would think.

Top three destinations that have inspired you, and how?

Argentina of course, Patagonia. Istanbul, one of my favorite cities in the world, and Japan, a fascinating country.

One thing no one knows about you?

I’ve never eaten chocolate in my life.

What can we expect in your future collections?

Many different trips and adventures!

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