Bergdorf Goodman - Meet the Argentinian IT-Girl behind Chufy

Bergdorf Goodman - Meet the Argentinian IT-Girl behind Chufy

In anticipation of Bergdorf Goodman’s launch of the Argentinian Collection by Chufy this week, we sat down with designer Sofia Sanchez de Betak to talk about her travels and how they inspire her. Focusing on the iconic style of her home country, Argentina, the Chufy collection was designed in collaboration with local artists and produced entirely in Argentina.

Bergdorf Goodman: Your background is in the editorial world as an art director and fashion consultant. What made you want to create your own collection?
Sofia Sanchez de Betak: I have been making my own clothes for a long time, mostly inspired in travels, or made with fabrics and details I would find abroad. With time, these became my staple pieces, getting countless compliments from friends and strangers. It was flattering to see people liked what I had put together, when I thought I would be the only one that would like it. So when BG approached me to start working together, it was an opportunity I had to embrace!

BG: Where do you plan to travel to next and how do you think your next collection will reflect this trip?

Sofia: My next collection is inspired in Japan, where I’ve been going a lot in the past year. After that, I have no clue! I’m split between the Trans Siberian Railway and Peru! But knowing myself, it could even be Micronesia at the last minute!

BG: How do you see the BG woman wearing Chufy this summer?

Sofia: I imagine her traveling with a very lively spirit, embracing her next adventure as if it were her first and even last! She would wear the collection by the fireplace in Patagonia’s winter, on a safari in Kenya, or walking stylishly the streets of Stockholm and NYC.

BG: Tell us about the design process when you are working with local artisans from around the world.

Sofia: Each country is different, it’s not the same to work with Maasai women in Kenya or Wichi weavers in the north of Argentina. Many times we start with an item they already master, and then we reinterpret it into a certain idea I have, either just enhancing what it already is, or changing it completely.

BG: What is your most prized possession? Was it something you purchased while traveling? Is it a family heirloom? Tell us the story behind it.

Sofia: My engagement ring that my husband got at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul years after I had spotted it and fallen in love with it.

Starting Thursday, June 1, visit the Chufy pop-up shop on 3 and shop the Argentina-inspired collection of clothing, shoes and accessories by Sofia Sanchez de Betak.

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