Vogue - Sofía Sanchez de Betak Is Flying High With Her New Luxury Collection Suitcase Collaboration

Vogue - Sofía Sanchez de Betak Is Flying High With Her New Luxury Collection Suitcase Collaboration


The halcyon days of traveling in style: Are they well behind us? Well, perhaps so, what with old-school sybaritic tastes of the jet set being abandoned for the much-worn sweatpants and neck pillows of the jet-lagged. Thankfully one of fashion’s chicest wayfarers is bringing back vestiges of a seemingly lost era: Witness Sofía Sanchez de Betak’s just-released Globe-Trotter collaboration. Comprised of four limited-edition leather-trim valise suitcases created with the British luggage company and The Luxury Collection hotels and resorts, the polished collection is a far cry from the ubiquitous plain black carry-on the rest of us shove into the overhead compartment before takeoff.

Inspired by Sanchez de Betak’s summer vacation to the Greek isles, the designs boast vivid watercolor scavenger maps of Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, and Costa Navarino on their canvas interiors. These are the locales the Argentinian creative director visited on her trip; her mother has been working in tourism for more than 30 years, and early on taught Sanchez de Betak that traveling is the best way of learning.

Here, Sanchez de Betak tells us the traveling lessons she’s learned over the years, including why she prefers folding over rolling, why she never leaves her Valentino at home, and the foolproof way to avoid overpacking.

Sofia Sanchez de Betak

Photo: Courtesy of Sofia Sanchez de Betak / @chufy

Your Suitcase Should Be as Valuable as Your Memories
When traveling is part of your daily life, your suitcase becomes your mobile home, your companion, the thing that carries those special finds you collect on your travels. The trunk-shaped suitcase perfectly embodies what traveling represents to me—a treasure!

Take the Comforts of Home With You
It’s still the most stressful part of traveling to me. I learned a few things that I can’t always apply—temptation always gets in the way—but I would say pack your go-to, favorite clothes. Things you never wore back home are not going to suddenly appeal to you in a remote destination. Comfortable shoes are a must: Blisters are not an option when traveling. I prefer folding the clothes, not rolling them, so I can pack and unpack easily. Make sure to have an extra set of toiletries and makeup for traveling, with smaller containers and less products. And always leave some space for shopping!

Split Up the Essentials to Save Space

The smaller the items, the better. I split toiletries, underwear, and shoes into many different bags. So one pair of shoes in two separate bags, shampoo and conditioner in one Ziploc bag, makeup in another, toothbrush and toothpaste in another.

If in Doubt, Sit on Your Suitcase
Stick to one carry-on, and then try sitting on it to make sure it closes!

Sofia Sanchez de Betak
Never Leave Home Without Valentino

It depends on where I’m going. If it’s a summer holiday, I always bring my comfortable and beautiful Valentino sandals and my hand-painted dresses. If it’s a city for work purposes, my Gucci fur loafers and Prada boots.

Be Prepared for the Worst
I always take a very warm scarf, a poncho, and sneakers in case it rains.

People Do Still Dress Up to Fly
I wear a dress for traveling—sometimes an Equipment cashmere dress for winter, or some sort of caftan for the summer. Once in the plane, I slip on pajama pants and cashmere socks. I pair them with my Prada boots or Gucci loafers.

Don’t Forget Your Carry-On!
For the airport, I pack a big duffel bag that I place on top of the carry-on. In that I pack my computer, magazines, socks, pajamas. Then I take a smaller handbag for my passport, sleeping mask, lip balm, hand cream, portable charger, headphones, and wallet.

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