Vogue Australia - Sofia Sanchez de Betak on why she never checks a bag when travelling

Vogue Australia - Sofia Sanchez de Betak on why she never checks a bag when travelling

Splitting her time between Paris and New York, Sofía Sanchez de Betak has the art of packing and unpacking down to a fine art – though she admits to still sitting on her suitcase to get it closed.

New York-based Argentinian designer, creative director, online publisher, travel writer and front-row regular Sofía Sanchez de Betak is constantly travelling. Now, she reveals her collaboration with British luxury luggage company Globe-Trotter, designed during a summer vacation in Greece with The Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts.

1. What did you love about the destinations you visited with the Luxury Collection?
“Greece itself has an incredible charm, and The Luxury Collections’ hotels meet the perfect balance between remote and laid back destinations, with luxurious and authentic accommodations.”

2. How did you create the illustrations and designs for your luggage collection for Globe Trotter?
“I first made a selection of my favorite spots I discovered throughout the trip , and then I drafted a map of each destination highlighting my musts!”

3. What is most important to you in the design of beautiful luggage?
“A suitcase to me is like a mobile home, like turtles! They need to be comfortable and convenient as much as personal and warm. They become your travel partners, and carry your memories.”

4. Why do you never check a bag?
“Because I have beautiful bags with beautiful things in them! I wouldn’t like to loose my travel souvenirs.”

5. Are you an over or under packer?
“Over packer, despite the limited space! You’d be surprised how much fits on a Globe-Trotter carry on!”

6. What is your tip to prevent over or under packing?
“Sit on your suitcase to close it!”

7. What is the most unusual thing you have in your carry-on?
“A Mermaid tail!”   

8. What sort of clothes do you like to wear on the plane?
“Big comfortable dresses.”

9. What is the first thing you do when you arrive in a new destination?
“Go for a walk to get a feel of where I’m at.”

10. What are some clever tricks you’ve learned from being a frequent traveller?
“Moto-taxis, fresh ginger on the plane for fresh tea, vitamin C always on hand, always board last (your seat is already assigned), get global entry!”

11. What do you think should be a compulsory luxury supplied to guests on all airlines?
“Feet massages!”

12. What do you think should be a compulsory luxury in all hotels?
“Butler service, packing and unpacking!”

13. Are you a fan of airline and hotel loyalty programs?
“Yes, because they treat you like family when you checkin.”

14. If you are, how do you maximise the benefits?
“I always fly with the same airline when possible.”

15. What is your tip for frequent travellers to stay tidy while constantly unpacking and re-packing for a trip?
“Always unpack the day you arrive, otherwise you always feel on travel mode.”

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