Noor Fares Rock Crystal Sapphire Pendant
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'Moonrise' Crystal Pendant


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Noor Fares 18K Grey Gold Rock Crystal Pendant with Synthetic Opal and Coloured Sapphire Pavé on a 19,6" / 50 cm chain. 

Amethyst (0.04cts), Blue Sapphire (0.04cts), Chrome Tourmaline (0.05cts), Orange Sapphire (0.03cts), Pink Sapphire (0.04cts); Rock Crystal (41.5cts); Synthetic Opal (0.27cts), Yellow Sapphire (0. 04cts); 18K Yellow Gold (1.26g)

- Width of Feature: 5,1" / 1,3 cm
- Length of Feature: 13,3" / 3,4 cm
- Chain: 19,6" / 50 cm

    Please note as stones are all natural there may be variations in size, colour, shade & inclusions.

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